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Empower every team with data

WebScrapingAPI collects the HTML from any web page using a simple API and provides ready-to-process data to everyone in your company.


We make sure you never get blocked

Dealing with bot detection tools can be a challenge. We handle everything from Javascript rendering, CAPTCHAs, IP blocks, and automatic retries to fingerprinting. You only need to focus on your goals. We handle everything else.


100M+ Rotating proxies at your fingertips

Access our unique, extensive pool of datacenter, mobile and residential IPs across hundreds of ISPs, supporting real user devices and automatic IP rotation to increase reliability and avoid IP blocks.


Easy to use,
easy to customize

Our advanced features allow you to customize your requests based on your specific needs, play with: headers, IP geolocation, sticky sessions, and much more.


Around the globe geotargeting

Choose from 12 locations to send your web scraping API requests, with 195 more available for enterprise customers, or just use random locations.

99.99% Uptime
Automatic Scaling
24/7 Monitoring

How companies use our API

price Price and Products

Monitor your competitors' pricing and extract product information, such as available stock, product descriptions, reviews, and much more. So, you can fully automate your pricing strategies and product trends.

revenue Financial Data

Base your investment decisions on 100% certain and authentic data. Go granular on compiling multiple sources of information and identify your risks and opportunities to make the best business decisions.

travel Travel Fare Aggregation

Collect data from hotel and flight company websites, online travel agencies, and other sources. Ensure a fast data gathering process, and overcome all the challenges you might face while obtaining information.

reviews Customer Reviews

Go deeper with your customer intelligence processes by gathering reviews from all over the Internet into one place. Interpret their different aspects to better understand your customers and their needs.

hr HR Job & Hiring Data

Scrape job boards and career pages to analyze available spots and the hiring strategy of your competitors. We help you to find the number of vacant spots, new hirings, and other valuable pieces of information.

real estate Real Estate

Gather and analyze real estate data from multiple platforms to fully understand the market direction, improve your searches, or build alerts for your target acquisitions. Reach your goals with just a few clicks.

Why WebScrapingAPI works for you

Our clients love us because we never settle on these.


Mass web crawling

Our API enables you to execute mass crawling operations on any website you target. We implement the latest anti-bot detection tools to achieve high success rates.


Speed obsessive architecture

We use state-of-the-art technology to make sure your target website loads in the blink of an eye, and you get the HTML content instantly.


Javascript rendering: What users see is what you get

Activate Javascript rendering using real browsers and get the exact information displayed to the users, including single-page applications using React, AngularJS, Vue, or any other libraries.


One API. Cleaner code.

Use one API to collect data, from any website. Integrate with any development language and customize your requests in just 30 seconds.

Trusted by startups and the world's largest companies

avatar Nic Stevens

WebScrapingAPI has enabled us to streamline the data capture process with the help of Javascript rendering.

avatar Sam Coren

WebScrapingAPI has helped us grow our business. The customer support has been amazing, and honestly, if we went with another company, we would be lost.

avatar Grace Dilworth

Very impressed so far. Moving over from previous work with ScrapeStack, and their support (Hellen did my onboarding and is very helpful) and product are top-notch.

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