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How Javascript Affects Web Design and Web Scraping

If you like web design, you probably know a bit about Javascript, but have you asked yourself how it affects web scraping? Here's the rundown

Gabriel Cioci
Frontend Developer @ WebScrapingAPI

The 5 Most Popular API Styles and What Sets them Apart

While no two APIs are the same, most of them follow an architectural style for efficicency. Here are the 5 most common styles and what they do

The Leading REST API for Web Scraping

The Top 7 Free Proxy Lists for Web Scraping

If you want to save money by using free proxies, look no further! Here are the top 7 websites you should check

Robert Munceanu
Full-stack developer @ WebScrapingAPI

How to Build a Web Crawler in Less than 100 Lines of Code

Tired of having to paste hundreds or even thousands of URLs into the web scraper? There's an easier method: make your own crawler! Here's how

Raluca Penciuc
Full-stack developer @ WebScrapingAPI

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